Wednesday, April 5, 2017

I started my solo trek from Pokhara and ended in Pokara. I spent 6 days in Trail. Expense was 8k. I did it alone so people were freindly with me. Since I was alone I talked with hotel owners, staffs, fellow travelers , guide dai haru. And it helped me a lot. Always have a smile in your face. And always always say hello to the fellow passer by. I was offered free breakfast, lunch and they even offered drink during my last night in base camp. It really helps if you are friendly and smiling. Dont be a douchebag . I started from Harichowk( pokhara) from where you get into a jeep towards Nayapul which goes upto Ghandruk. I got off from jeep before Ghandruk and started from there towards New bridge, Jhinu and stopped when I reached Chomrong. That was Day 1. Day 2 Chomrong to dovan to bamboo to Himalaya. Heavy rainfall stopped me from going upto deurali. Day 3 Himalaya to deurali to machapuchre base camp to Annapurna base camp. Day 4 I stayed there in base camp. It was amazing to be up there.

If you are staying in Abc. Dont forget to wake up at night. Wear your jacket, boots, gloves and get out. Watch the sky full of stars and glowing mountains around you. And if you are lucky you may see shooting stars and cry like I did. Yeah, I did cried watching that moment. All alone with mountains and stars. And wake up early to catch up amazing sunrise scene that you will ever see. Day 5 returned from Abc to Mbc to deurali to himalaya to bamboo to dovan to chomrong. Day 6 chomrong to ghandruk . And from there catched a jeep back home pokhara. P.S You may go to Chomrong and continue the trail from Ghandruk and use Jhinu trail while returing and stay one night in jhinu hot spring. I did opposite but I will recommend to go through Ghandruk and end in jhinu. Expense was 8k total. Included Breakfast, Dinner and accomodation. For lunch I used to eat chocolates, biscuits,dry nuts etc. Dont forget to carry water bottle. Proper wind proof and warm jacket. Trekking boot. A plastic which can act as raincoat. Lasun(acts good for high altitude sickness, flexon, Citamol, jeewan jal, knife. Dont wear jean pants, take comfortable tracks. No V Shaped innerwares. Comfortable trekking bag. About expense per day 1 to 1.5 k per day will be good. But if you are going during October. Hotels will be packed so price may rise up. So while thinking about expense 2k per day will be great to. Always a good option to carry some extra cash. Do let me know, if you need any extra info or any other questions. Happy trails.

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